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ng to, you can use either cotton or nylon string. Nylon is more resistant to moisture. 2 Att ach the string next to or in front of the object you wish to plumb. If you wish to plumb a doorway, for example, hang the plumb bob next to the corner of the doorway. Alternately, hang the plumb bob in front of the object you want to plumb. For example, if you wish to see if a fence post veers left or right, ha free kinesiology books ng the plumb bob in front of it. 3 Wait for the plumb bob to stop swinging and hang perfectly still. A p lumb bob is a long pendulum and can take several seconds to become completely still. 4 Sight the plumb l jersey shore angelina pregnant ine (the line made by the string of the plumb bob) against the item you want to plumb.The plumb line sho .

ly in front of the object if it is true. If the plumb bob seems to veer to the side, towards or away fro m the object, the object is not vertical. 5 Confirm your sighting with a measurement. If you are plumbin g a doorway, for example, measure the distance between the string and the frame at the top of the doorwa y. Measure the same distance at the point where the string joins the bob. If the distances are equal, th 4 Day Diet e doorway is straight.1 Sand the pine boards until they are perfectly smooth and even. Use the corners o f the sandpaper to sand down tiny imperfections, bumps and ridges until the entire surface area of the p jersey shore angelina pregnant ine board is flat, smooth and even. 2 Wipe down the pine board with a damp cloth in order to remove any .

g a paintbrush, going over each surface of the board evenly. Make sure that your sealant application is consistent across all parts of the pine board so that all parts of the wood will absorb the stain to the same degree. Allow the sealant to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. 4 Sand any part of the wood that has become uneven because of the sealant. Wipe the board down again with a damp cloth and drupal org templates allow it to dry. 5 Apply the stain of your choosing to the now-sealed pine board. Work from left to righ t, moving evenly across the surface of the board. Once you are finished staining the pine board, allow t jersey shore angelina pregnant he stain to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you wish to apply a second coat of the .

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