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ep gaps between the logs to a minimum as you build up. Continue to build upwards, alternating the notche s as the building gets higher. 3 Place short pieces where doors and windows go, and build the square hol es after the short logs. At the top of doors and windows, place a longer log. Stack roof slats onto the round logs via the notches under the flat roof sections. 4 Add red smokestacks and chimneys to the build low calorie diet ings for decoration.A Hoop Net 1 Set a a 5 ? -foot long mesh style hoop net in the water. Place one or m ore long wooden stakes within the water, attach a rope to each end of the net and fasten to the stakes. disney jersey shore 2 Place medium to large size rocks within the hoop net or tie two-ropes that are 4-feet long to the ends .

sit for several days. 3 Collect the net by pulling on the open end of the hoop net. Once, you get the ne t into your boat or onto shore, untie the drawstring to release the catch. 4 Gather up the fish, and eva luate them on site or place the fish in buckets for transport. Electro Fishing 5 Insert the electro-shoc ker, which extends from the boat's platform into the water, as the boat travels along the electrical pol medifast diet es extending outwards and will discharge a small pulse that will shock a fish, rendering it helpless. 6 Scoop the fish up within a long net (3-to-5 feet in length) and place the fish into a live well. Measure disney jersey shore and weigh the fish for data collection purposes. 7 Watch the fish for signs of fatigue or stress before .

e fish to rest within your hand for 2 to 3 minutes before releasing it. Casting Nylon Net 8 Obtain a cas ting net, with long string. You can purchase this type of fishing set up at a fishing retailer or bait a nd tackle shop. In addition, buy a 2-gallon bucket of chum (ground pieces of fish) and 2 dozen dead minn ows. These items are normal sold within tackle and bait shops for a few dollars. 9 Secure a bass boat. M Mediterranean Diet otor or paddle the boat 5 to 10 feet from shore where you believe a large fish maybe lurking. Concentrat e your efforts near weeds, submerged logs and areas where small bait fish school. 10 Throw 1-quart of ch disney jersey shore um into the surrounding water. Allow the fish particles to drift several yards within the water, before .

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