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Fun Facts of the Jersey Shore - Part One

Fun Facts of the Jersey Shore - Part 3
10. Fred Astaire made his theatrical debut in Keyport's' Old Palace Theater in 1910, when he was eleven years old.

9. Eel grass, which once grew in abundance in Barnegat Bay was dried out and used for house insulation, as is the governors summer mansion in Island Beach state Park. Unfortunately, a blight wiped out the bays eel grass which ended the harvesting of this plant. Eel grass was odorless and non-flammable and marine biologists say Eel grass is making a gradual comeback

8. Harrah's is the only gaming corporation with properties in all major US gaming cities (Reno, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City).

7. President Benjamin Harrison spent much of 1890 and 1891 in Cape May Point and he set up at the Summer White House in Cape May's Congress Hall.

6. Bottle-Nose dolphins calve in the lower Delaware Bay during June of each year, and they can be seen from the shore of Cape May State Park.

5. Alan Shepard, America's first astronaut on a manned space flight (1961), was a 1941 graduate of Admiral farragut Academy in Pine Beach.

4. The first trolleys in New Jersey ran in Asbury Park.

3. New Jersey Native Frankie Valli's song "My Eyes Adored You" described his walk "home every day Over Barnegat Bridge and Bay".

2. The first boarding house/hotel for vacationers on New Jersey's coast was built before 1800 on Tuckers Island (now totally submerged) near Long Beach Island.

1. Whaling was Long Beach Island's first industry, beginning in 1685.

Ten Jersey Shore Lighthouses - North to South
10. Great Beds -  Raritan Bay -one-half mile from South Amboy
9. Ambrose Lightship - At the entrance to the Ambrose channel -(New York Harbor)
8. Conover Beacon - Leonardo - on the beach at the marina
7. Chapel Hill - 1-2 miles south of Conover Beacon - private residence
6. Twin Lights - Off Route 36 - Atlantic Highlands
5. Sandy Hook Lighthouse - Gateway National Recreation Park - Sandy Hook
4. Sea Girt Lighthouse - Beacon Boulevard at Ocean Avenue - 732-449-9337
3. Barnegat Light - Barnegat Light State Park - on the North end of Long Beach Island - 609-494-2016
2. Hereford Inlet - First and Central Avenues - North Wildwood - 609-522-4520
1. Cape May Lighthouse - Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts - Cape May Point State Park - Cape May - 609-884-5404

Things-to-do in the" off-season"
10. Go Beachcombing - you never know what the water will bring ashore!
9. Explore the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail
8. "Walk the Boards" (There are still many arcades open)
7. Watch the sun rise over the ocean or set over the bay
6. Set out to sea on a party or fishing boat
5. Shop for Christmas gifts at a nearby mall
4. Visit a famous landmark lighthouse or museum
3. Go to a concert, race track or aquarium
2. Visit Atlantic City - America's Favorite Playground!
1. Keep posted to The Virtual New Jersey Shore for all your winter events!!

Top Ten Summer CD's to listen to at the Jersey Shore
10. ANTHOLOGY - Frankie Vali and the Four seasons
9. LIVE AT THE RED ROCKS - Dave Matthews band
7. FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE - Peter Frampton
6. EAT A PEACH - Allman Brothers
5. WHO'S NEXT - The Who
3. GREATEST HITS - Donna Summer
2. ALL SUMMER LONG - The Beach Boys

Top Ten Jersey Shore Attractions - North to South
10. Keansburg Amusement Park - Runaway Rapids Offers fun for young and old - wide selection of kiddie rides, arcades, water park, swimming and dining.
9. Monmouth Park Racetrack - Oceanport - Boasts some the most magnificent thoroughbreds and skilled jockeys in the world. Picnic area and ten eateries.
8. Jenkinsons - Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk, arcades, Jenkinsons Aquarium, shopping district, beach. Fireworks Spectacular every Thursday night.
7. Pier/Waterworks - Seaside Heights Jet Star (terrifying roller coaster), boardwalk, arcades, swimming, water park.
6. Island Beach State Park - 9 mile stretch of pristine sands. Nature tours, surf fishing, swimming, picnicking, scuba diving.
5. Barnegat Lighthouse - Open Memorial Day to Labor Day. 217 steps to the top for a panoramic view of Barnegat Bay and Island Beach State Park.
4. Bay Village - Beach Haven Quaint shopping complex of fine store and eateries. Bay Village and Schooner's Wharf serve as THE focal point for family fun and shopping on Long Beach Island.
3. Atlantic City s - " Americas favorite playground" - s, boardwalk, beach, arcades, amusements and salt water taffy.
2. Lucy The Elephant - Margate A historic landmark synonymous with the Jersey Shore, this 6 story structure once served as a hotel, and can be seen from eight miles away.
1. Wildwood Boardwalk - 5 miles of New Jersey's widest beaches, 2 miles of boardwalks filled with shops, eateries, and five amusement piers throughout these 3 towns.

**Check our Point of Interests Guide for information on 100 places to see!!**

Summer in the Sun
10. Don't try to get a summer's worth of sun the first day on the beach. Limit the first few outings to 30 minutes each and gradually build up the exposure time.

9. Use a sunscreen or sun block, especially if you burn easily. Sunscreen diminishes the ultraviolet rays. Note the initials SPF (sun protection factor) on sunscreens - the greater the SPF, the greater protection you get from the sun.

8. Sun blocks are stronger than sunscreens - they literally block out the suns ultraviolet rays, whereas sunscreens just screen out some of the rays.

7. If you tan easily, use a suntan oil and you'll acquire a deep, darker tan. But don't overdo it as too much sunning with oil or lotion can leave your skin leathery in appearance.

6. Always use a moisturizer after a day at the beach. This cuts down on peeling and drying..

5. If you get a sunburn, treat it with aloe vera, a natural moisturizer.

4. Drink plenty of liquids and take Tylenol or aspirin for pain. For sunburned areas, use cool wet dressings, and that should take the sting out.

3. If your body temperature reaches 101 degrees, and you feel nauseous, see a doctor immediately.

2. If you plan to be on the beach all day, wear white cotton clothing and sunglasses that filter out ultra-violet rays.

1. Respect the sun - Its rays are stronger than you think.

**Find the beach of YOUR choice with our Jersey Shore BEACHGUIDE!!**

Places to take a Seashore stroll that offer "Something Special"
10. Island Beach State Park Walk ins are free, the longest natural sand dune beach in the Northeast, the new herbarium is open this year, lots of self-guided nature trails...or bike or drive to the end, then walk a short distance to lunch on a jetty with the best view of Old Barney and boats going through the Barnegat Inlet.

9. Wells Mills County Park You walk on nature trails, rent a canoe reasonably on a relatively still lake...great for beginners. and there is a special award winning trail designed for the visually impaired...learn about the Pinelands. Waretown

8. Cattus Island County Parka wetland park on Silver Bay in Toms River..boardwalked trails welcome wheelchairs...regularly scheduled nature talks...and small live animal feedings..

7. The boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach On Wednesday nights...come early and before the stroll put your old beach chairs on the beach and return at dusk for a great, free classical or Broadway concert with Father Alphonse Stevenson...and it's free.

6. Stroll the boardwalk which starts in Seaside Heights and ends in Seaside Park. For one mile it's jam packed with all types of activities - shops, restaurants, antique carousel, games of chance, amusement rides, the state's only boardwalk sky ride with a bird's eye view of the beach, miniature golf, for the remaining mile and a half, it's you and an occasional gazebo, great for resting and enjoying the view, and some joggers throughout the day and bike riders in the early morning and evening. Talk about culture shock!.

5. A great Barnegat Bay walkman be found on the Seaside Peninsula on the west side of the barrier island. Start in Seaside Park and head north. There's a luncheonette with outdoor dining and you can take a boat ride tour of the bay. Head north toward Bay Head and stop at the vest pocket parks along the way. Have lunch at an out of doors restaurant in Lavallette. Great view of boats, folks crabbing and the town gazebo. Very wide shoulders through the Lavallette area.

4. Long Beach Island There's plenty of strolling here beginning with climbing 217 steps to the top of the Barnegat Lighthouse. Then when you come down, you can visit Barnegat Lighthouse State Park or tour Barnegat's town center, with its park and gazebo, antique shops and boutiques.

3. Bay Village and Schooner's Wharf has been part of a unique shopping experience established nearly 50 years ago, and serves as the focal point for family fun and shopping on Long Beach Island. Enjoy your day strolling along the boardwalks and brick paths, shopping in some of the finest stores, and relaxing at one of the taste-tempting eateries.

2. Spend time in Atlantic City strolling the miles of boardwalk, people watching or shopping. Pass by the Boardwalk Convention Center or even ice skate in season at the Sea Skate Pavilion. Or stroll by the 125 specialty shops at the Shops on Ocean One - the only shopping center built over the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Cape May with its streets lined with colorful Victorian homes, unique shops, a wonderful selection of excellent restaurants, and beach promenade, is a pedestrian paradise. If you prefer other ways to sightsee here, there are horse-drawn carriage rides, trolleys, and bicycles built for two or more.

Thanks to Barbara Steele of the Ocean County Department of Public Affairs for contributing to this months TOP TEN!

Things to do on a rainy day at the Shore
10. Go to a movie, concert or play.
9. Spend the day at an arcade, bowling alley or skating rink
8. Dine at a mystery theater or comedy club show, or dance to live music at a nightclub
7. Write post cards to family and friends
6. Try your luck Atlantic City.
5. Shop at an area mall or bid at an auction
4. Visit an Aquarium, museum. lighthouse or gallery
3. Play indoor tennis or racquetball or miniature golf
2. Stargaze at the Robert J. Novins Planetarium
1. Read a good book, rent videos or get on the Internet to!

Fun Facts: Part Two
10. The first woman to swim the English channel, Gertrude Ederle, learned to swim in Highlands and she also spent her summers there.

9. Some movies have used Spring lake as a setting, such as Woody Allen's Stardust Memories and Sergio Leone's Once upon a Time in America (starring Robert DeNirro), and Ragtime which starred James Cagney was set in the Essex-Sussex Hotel.

8. Tucker's Island is also frequently known as Jersey Shore's Atlantis.

7. The average daily total win in Atlantic City's s is more than $5 million dollars.

6. The beaches of Wildwood are some of the very few on the East Coast of the US where the shoreline is actually growing, instead of diminishing. It's been known to grow up to 100 feet in one year..

5. Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet staged automobile races on the beach of Cape May in 1905.

4. By the year 2100, scientists expect the Atlantic Ocean to rise by eight feet. If this happens, the seawall at Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach would have to be raised to 41 feet in order to keep the ocean from washing away these communities.

3. Legendary impresario P. T. Barnum once owned a house in Keyport.

2. The Intercoastal Waterway begins at the Manasquan Inlet and stretches right down to Florida. This means a boat can sail the entire passage, without having to use the Atlantic Ocean!

1. Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired to write Treasure Island in the late 1800's when he sat on the mainland viewing Osborne Island in the Manaquan River. This island is just of the Manasquan Bridge, opposite the Point Pleasant Hospital.

Things to remember at the s
10. Gambling should be fun, not a make-or-break situation.
9. Know the rules of the game you play - pick up a pamphlet Rules of the Game at security booths.
8. Betting schemes don't work, no matter how elaborate - it all depends on your luck.
7. Taking photographs in a is not allowed.
6. A good axiom to keep in mind at the s: Bet with your head - NOT over it.
5. Set a limit on how much you can afford to LOSE before you enter the - and stick to it!
3.You must be Twenty-One years old to gamble in Atlantic City.
2. All Atlantic City s are opened 24 hours a day!
1. The smartest bettor stops while he or she is AHEAD!

**For more information on gambling, go to our Atlantic City pages!!!**

Fun Facts of the Jersey Shore
10. A giant sand buildup at the north end of the Sandy Hook peninsula has enabled this town to grow substantially over the years. The Sandy Hook lighthouse, completed in 1764 stood 500 feet from the tip of Sandy Hook, but today it stands over one mile from the tip.

9. In the summer of 1881 in Long Branch, when President Garfield was convalescing from his gunshot wound, townsmen constructed a line of railroad track, more than a half-mile long, in less than a day so the president's car could be pulled right up to the porch of his summer house.

8. Bruce Springsteen is widely associated with Asbury Park, but he was born in Long Branch and grew up in Freehold.

7. Freehold Raceway holds the only daytime harness racing in the United States.

6. The summer mansion of the governor is located in Island Beach state Park.

5. Long Beach Island is relatively free of pollen, since it is located 4 miles from the mainland.

4. There is a South Jersey cocktail named the 'Jersey Devil', and is made from cranberry juice, applejack and rum.

3. In the game Monopoly, Marvin Gardens is the only property that is not in Atlantic City. It is located in Margate, and in the game, it's misspelled - it's really Marven Gardens.

2. Henry Ford offered to build the first Ford plant in Cape May, but city officials turned him down.

1. There actually is a town named "Jersey Shore", but it is located in Pennsylvania, rather than New Jersey. This community is off Route 220 between Lock Haven and Williamsport.




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